West Vancouver – Cycling Mecca

The Cycling Boom.

West Vancouver’s Marine Drive has become a jewel destination in Vancouver’s cycling crown for cyclists from all over the Lower Mainland and beyond. How does West Vancouver acknowledge, support and harness the potential of this phenomenon? This could be treated as real community amenity that can bring good culture to West Vancouver. The folks behind Vancouver’s cycling centric Musette Caffè are set to open iSETTA Provisions at Cypress Park Summer 2021. iSETTA will cater to residents and the incoming cycling crowd alike bringing a much needed lease on life for this heritage building.

As a resident of West Vancouver who cycles and drives regularly there are some alarming traffic patterns that have emerged. Many drivers seem inexperienced negotiating cyclists on Marine Drive, an incredibly narrow winding road with endless blind hills. Drivers will regularly try to pass cyclists on blind bends and many cyclists wave cars on into the oncoming lane. It’s shocking to witness these occurrences daily and it feels like a game of Russian Roulette between cyclists, buses and cars and of course pedestrians. It’s time for some rules of engagement.

Hidden Camera Footage.

Shot over the course of 1 hour on 5600 Block Marine Drive, May 2021.

Proposed signage designs.

Proposed signage

Thought starter mockups of various scenarios.

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