Route the 262 down to Marine Drive.

The 262 Bus should service the communities between Lions Bay and Caulfield, not the passenger-less highway above.

The 262 bus currently moves between Horseshoe Bay and Caulfield Village via Highway 1, completely bypassing the Gleneagles, Eagle-Ridge, Eagle Island and Eagle Harbour communities totalling over 3500 residents. There is a need for kids attending Rockridge Secondary school to have transit available in the morning and afternoons alongside residents who do not drive or who choose not to drive. The 262 Bus services zero bus stops between Horseshoe Bay and Caulfield Village bypassing the vibrant communities along Marine Drive. It would be a quick way to reduce pollution, tame the pickup/drop off nightmare and promote a more sustainable, healthy transportation culture with a simple adjustment to the existing route/schedule of the 262 Bus.

Let’s end the pick up/drop off nightmare, promote independent teens, cleaner air and lower stress levels.

Rockridge drop off 8:20 every morning

Rightsize the Bus to accommodate demand

This bus = 30 Cars
This bus = 17 Cars
This bus = 13 Cars

Car-free benefits for the Caulfield & Lions Bay Communities.

Seaview Trail Access
Eagle Harbour Beach Access
The Orchard & Golfcourse

Increased Density coming

Daffodil Development in Eagle Harbour approved.

Horseshoe Bay Sanctuary almost complete.