Walking the Gauntlet—5600 Block Marine Drive

Upgrade the infrastructure, elevate the experience.

A super popular walking route that connects the entire community. Never before has this neighbourhood been so alive with activity from cyclists, school kids, dog walkers, joggers and families. We understand the challenges of the geography with regards to implementing sidewalks along Marine Drive so how do we improve and modernize what we already have? We’d like to see what sort of design solutions and upgrades can be made to the existing infrastructure to ensure safety for all. Higher curbs, railings, concrete barriers? How can the district evolve our tired infrastructure to reflect the needs of a vibrant community today?

Design solutions.

5605 Keith Road homeowners willing to collaborate on a solution. Email here.


Traffic Bollards would give drivers a visual clue to slow down, pedestrians a permeable barrier and gentle lighting at night, Eagle Habour is profoundly dark at night especially in the rain.

Street racing in Eagle Harbour a regular occurrence.

There are countless crashes just past Eagle Harbour school across from the park. Speed culture is a real problem in Eagle Harbour.

Historically Dangerous.

2011 motorcycle crash on 5600 Block Marine Drive

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