Eagle Harbour Road Traffic Calming

As another important step in our quest to calm traffic and promote walkability, the good folks on Eagle Harbour Road have launched an initiative to restore the speed bumps on Eagle Harbour Road. We fully support his idea and encourage all residents, beach goers, cyclists and pedestrians to sign and share this petition.

The primary reason for the speed humps is public safety. Eagle Harbour Rd is an access way for the beach, yacht club, Eagle Island and the many residents of our community. Over the last few years we have seen an increase in volumes of car and pedestrian traffic using the road. This is due to the ‘discovery’ of Eagle Harbour Beach by many people outside of Eagle Harbour and a demographic change in the neighbourhood that has brought in many more young families. With more cars and more people using the road it is no longer a safe place for our community.

With so many cars speeding down Eagle Harbour Rd it is only a matter of time until there is a serious accident involving a pedestrian. The current medians that were meant to calm traffic have no effect whatsoever on a driver that chooses to speed. The medians are encouraging people to speed on the opposite side of the street to avoid pedestrians and they also trap pedestrians on the road when they see oncoming traffic. By removing the medians and replacing them with speed humps we force speeding cars to slow down to a safe speed and give pedestrians more options for staying away from moving vehicles.

Knowing that Eagle Harbour Rd is used to bring students from Eagle Harbour Montessori to the beach during the school year, young sailors to Eagle Harbour Yacht Club during the summer, by neighbours to bring their kayaks and paddle boards to the beach on foot and that the neighbourhood is now filled with young children walking and biking down the road on a daily basis, we must take action immediately.

This beautiful beach-side neighbourhood has a unique character and sense of community.  While the beach is the main gathering place where friends and neighbours meet, Eagle Harbour Rd is the path that allows us all to come together. The current unsafe road conditions diminish our sense of safety as well as the neighbourhood character and sense of community that we cherish.

Please lend your voice to make Eagle Harbour Road a safe place again.


The Eagle Harbour Road Safety Committee

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