Walk To School Week

Prepare to see more Eagle Harbour Montessori School families out and about soon. The school is observing Walk or Wheel to School Week from October 4-6. Even families that commute to Eagle Harbour can participate. Here’s how:

1. Drive to Eagle Harbour

2. Park in one of three areas with free parking highlighted on the map.

3. “Walk or wheel” the rest of the way to school with your kids and their friends.

Want a longer walk? Park at the Thunderbird Marina lot, it’s a 1 km walk to school. A closer choice would be Eagle Harbour Road, which has a parking area at the end of the block, close to the beach. (From there, just cross a footbridge to Keith Road, and take that straight to Marine.) For the shortest walk to school, park next to the tennis courts at Park Verdun on Keith Road. Want a real adventure? Let your kids study the map and let them choose the route!

The best part of Walk and Wheel to School Week is that we’ll have folks stationed at the busiest crosswalks to give you a high five (and possibly stickers!) for participating. If you’d like to volunteer to be a crossing guard, you can still sign up here.