Pedestrian Safety in Eagle Harbour

Dear Eagle Harbour Residents,
We are writing to make you aware of an effort underway to increase pedestrian safety
in and around our neighbourhood. Many of us have children attending local schools,
most of us are property owners in this neighbourhood, and ALL of us want to prevent
an accident that seems bound to happen unless something is done.

Here is what we’re lobbying the municipality of West Vancouver to achieve:

  • Painted roads to make the 30km school/play zone more noticeable to
    unfamiliar motorists and cyclists.
  • Additional speed signs to show motorists that they’re exceeding the
    speed limit and encourage them to slow down.
  • A stop sign at Marine Drive and Westport Road to slow East West traffic.
  • A pedestrian-activated lit crossing at Marine Drive and Westport Road.

While these measures will certainly make our neighbourhood safer for our
children, they will have other benefits for you:

  • Residents and visitors of houses on major roads would be able to exit
    driveways more safely.
  • Residents of Gallagher and other side streets will find it safer to turn
    onto Marine Drive and Westport Road.
  • You’ll feel more secure walking to our local parks, beaches, and trails.

If you have any concerns whatsoever, or would like to lend your support and ideas,
please reach out. We’d love to hear from our neighbours.

Sign the petition at