Trees Please

Trees play an important role in creating and maintaining a healthy ecosystem by cleaning the air, absorbing carbon dioxide, producing oxygen, absorbing stormwater, reducing erosion and providing habitat and food for wildlife.

Trees benefit everyone, including those who visit West Vancouver from other parts of Vancouver and the world. Those who stand up to protect the trees here today are standing up for everyone. Those who oppose this initiative stand up only for themselves. How many Mercedes does a developer or realtor need? 

The proposed tree bylaw is long over due and we’ll be at West Van Municipal Hall on Monday April 18, 20016 at 6PM to support it. Developers and realtors are of course against it despite the fact that the proposed bylaw is actually quite lax. The trees in these photos shot today in the British Properties would not have been saved by the proposed bylaw but anything over 70 cm in diameter would have been.

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